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About Tradenauts

About Tradenauts

Hello everyone and welcome to Tradenauts! If this is your first time coming to this website or if you are returning I’m glad to see you have made your way here!

For those of you who have never heard of Tradenauts you may be wondering what we are all about, so let me give you a quick intro. At Tradenauts the main idea is that you can get new things, such as a new guitar, a new bicycle, or whatever you really want, without breaking the bank. We want you to see that money is not the only thing that has worth– our possessions have worth too! This may sound obvious, but I want for you to look at your possessions in a different light.

You Can Sell, Too

Sure you can sell your possessions, get less money for them, and then buy a new item for full price. Or you can circumvent all of those intermediary steps and just go from what you have and don’t want to what you want and don’t have! You could be getting your next hobby or passion!​

I am aware that the concept might seem pretty strange. I’m sure most people can’t think of a time when they didn’t use money to get something new, but I think that if there is a time for this new way of thinking it is now. But I think that a lot of people are unhappy with our consumer culture today. It seems that every store, or service provider, or you name it, wants to nickel and dime you for every thing you have if you want to get anything new.

Get What You Want Now

Most times we have to save for months to be able to get that one thing we want only for an emergency to show up and have to wait a couple of months again in order to wait. I have been there and it is frustrating. I wanted to create a space where you can find new things or new hobbies without the pressure of feeling like you are being robbed of your hard earned money. If that sounds like it might interest you, then welcome to Tradenauts and get ready to trade.

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