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Terms and Conditions

Tradenauts Requirements

1. Tradenauts is not to be blamed for any fraud that may befall the user and will not be held liable for any transaction.

2. After posting an item users are able to edit/delete any posts they made. Admin will be able to delete any posts necessary, or temporarily block a post from being viewable until the uploader edits the post based on admin feedback.

3. There is a 5/5 rating system for users, that way other users that have done trades with the user can let others know whether the user is reputable or not. Along with the rating there will be an optional text box in case users want to explain why they are giving whichever rating they are giving.

4. There will be a flag/report system in case someone posts something that other users finds offensive. If a post gets flagged by 5 different users then it should be immediately blocked until an admin can view the post and decide what to do with it.

How Tradenauts Works

This ensures that if any user gets defrauded that they can start a process that will give them their stated worth of the item back. The process is as follows:

a. ‘If trader A has a bicycle estimated at $80 and trader B has a guitar estimated at $100, trader A can send us $100 and trader B $80. This ensures that if either trader fails to uphold their end of the bargain, that the trader who is at a loss gets a monetary compensation for the worth of the item. So if trader A sends in his bicycle and trader B doesn’t send his guitar, then trader A gets the $80 dollars from trader B plus the $100 he sent originally. Now if both trader A and trader B complete the trade without any issues then both traders get their full money back.’

b. But there is also something else to mention about the trades, and that is a 1% fee to be charged for every trade. Going back to the example of the bike and the guitar mentioned before, trader b will receive $79.20 and trader a $99 back from what they put in the escrow. That will cover any costs of the website and are the only costs I plan on asking for. So users will get back 99% of the money they sent in based on the worth of the item, if both parties complete their trades without defrauding the other.